November 26, 2010

How many MEs out there?

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Last Wednesday, I was screening a movie for my elective. I more often than not skip that lecture because it stresses my brain to some extent. I had somehow discovered myself inside the lecture theater on that day, and I thank myself  for this accidental participation. It was worth the time.

The movie we screened was a German thriller, Lola Rennt []. The movie is about a young woman, Lola, who needs to accumulate 100,000 marks in 20 minutes to save her boyfriend. She achieves this in three trials and doing so she creates three different futures for herself. Like a video game, Lola learns from her mistakes in each episode and attempts to correct them in the subsequent episode. According to the movie reality, all this is happening simultaneously, that is, the three episodes actually represent only one event. Lola appears to somehow possess an ability to manipulate time and change her fate but it’s all happening in one world. Lola keeps learning from her alternate selves and finally gets everything right to achieve what she wants.

“Butterfly effect” is the main concept of this movie. Every little thing done differently, every second saved by the central character causes drastic changes in the future events. In the third episode for example, Lola avoids causing an accident involving her father’s colleague which in turn allows him to pick up her father and results in her father’s death. Butterfly effect gives a very similar idea. It says a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location. Lola was learning from each alternative episode and correcting her actions which eventually changed the future to her favor. The magic here is that all three episodes were actually happening at the same time.

To me, life looks very similar. Looking back, several years ago, I find myself in very different situations. I had made many sudden minor decisions which eventually created my present. It’s feels amazing because had I missed a single one of those decisions, the present could be very different. May be in some alternate universe, another me has done something differently and living in very different situations. But do I actually learn from the other MEs like in a video game? Sometimes, I do make intuitive decisions and miraculously many of them work out very well. Can it be that I am learning from the other MEs and doing the thing differently to get what I want? How many MEs might actually be there?


November 20, 2010

I am awake but this is … Weird !

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Hello World!

I registered my blog quite awhile ago but have been procrastinating to write something. Today is Friday and I just decided to kick-start. Really need to convince myself that I am not THAT lazy after all.

My schedule is a bit hectic this semester which is why I am having to resort to daytime napping. Daytime sleep is quite new to me and doing that, I experienced something I never knew of before.

I don’t usually dream during nighttime sleep. Perhaps my daytime sleep is not as intense nighttime, I more often than not find myself dreaming [random stuff, nothing serious and I don’t remember most of them anyway]. Walking around and flying in dreams is quite relaxing, so I try to RELAX this way whenever I am dreaming. During the past few weeks, I had been napping in the afternoons and of course dreaming at zero cost. Dreams are always good but something weird might happen if you suddenly wake up!

I guess the first time was on a Wednesday. I was in the middle of some random dream when I suddenly woke up. I stared at my door and realized that I have woken up. I noticed my room door wasn’t locked so I decided to turn it a bit with my hand and go back to sleep. When I tried to do that, I realized, shockingly, I was unable to move, not even a finger of mine was listening to my command. I was so surprised and tried to move again. After about seven seconds, I regained control over body. The experience kinda scared me so I decided to wake up and go back to work for that day.

After about a week, I again experienced something weird. This time it was slightly different. I had again woken up all on a sudden. I gained my senses almost instantly after opening my eyes and I knew I was in my room. But at the same time I was in dream. I realized that I am still walking and moving into a different room in dream but with my eyes viewing the real world. This strange situation lasted for around 10 seconds, I was looking at the real world, unable to move anything, but in my mind I was walking and even using my hands. The feeling was so real that, for that moment, I actually experienced living in two worlds, simultaneously! But of course at the cost of lying paralyzed in one of them.

After experiencing this strange phenomenon more than once, I decided to google it cause I had absolutely no clue. It turned out to be a popular medical research topic  and something quite common among general people. I had been experiencing Sleep Paralysis which occurs due to ill-timed connection between brain and the body. We tend to move and do random things while dreaming, sleep paralysis is a mechanism to freeze our body during that time so that we don’t end up hurting ourselves [and of course, other people]. I realized this is actually some innocent human body mechanism, and my experience is not that bad as the definition says people find themselves unable to move for a few minutes. But I must say the feeling was so strong and medical research does explain to some extent:

An attack of sleep paralysis is usually harmless and self-limited. It tends to be over in a minute or two as soon as the brain and body re-establish connections and the person is able to move again. However, the memory of the terrifying sensations felt during sleep paralysis can long endure.


Feeling glad it has always been few seconds in my case, I won’t mind if few minutes sometimes. As long as it’s not a few months, it’s still okay 😛

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